Car Concierge


  • Car Concierge is DropCar’s concierge service. With Car Concierge, you never have to worry about short-term parking again as your driver waits with your vehicle at a desired location or travels with you to a desired location and can either wait for you until you return, get your vehicle refueled or have your vehicle washed and cleaned. Simply enter the address where you need the driver to meet you, select your request time and a valet will meet you and stay with your vehicle until you return or go to your garage for pick-up or drop-off. The valet will only move the vehicle if traffic conditions deem it necessary, ie: your vehicle is in a non-standing zone or instructed by a police officer to move location.
  • With our Car Concierge service, you will be charged a $10 base fee once your driver has been assigned to your request for 2 minutes or more, and will be charged an additional $10 per every 20 minutes of service. The service begins at your scheduled time, unless your valet is late, in which case, the service would begin once your valet arrives. If you both arrive beforehand, the service would begin when your driver takes possession of your vehicle.  For more on the different ways to select service, please see our section on scheduling service.
  • Hours of operation for the Car Concierge service are: Mon - Thu: 7am - 7pm, Fri: 7am - 10pm, Sun: 3pm - 11pm



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