Steve Service


Our monthly parking service. With Steve, DropCar will pick-up your vehicle anywhere in our service area, store it in one of our secure parking facilities and return the car to you anywhere in our service area whenever you need it. Our Steve service comes with three different subscription tiers.

  • Our Basic plan is $379/month which gives you 12 pickups and dropoffs. This plan is our most popular and offers more than enough for the vast majority of our customers.
  • Our Premium plan is $499 a month which gives you 20 round trips plus $25 in free parking credits every month.
  • Our Executive plan is $799 a month. The Executive plan gives you 40 rounds trips per month, $50 in parking credits plus an express parking facility.

There are NO oversize fees on any vehicles.

All prices are all taxes and fees included. 

For more information on our parking locations visit our parking page.


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