Subscribing to the Monthly Service

You can begin your monthly subscription at any time, or you can book a reservation to begin your monthly subscription on the first of the following month.

You can do so by entering the app menu, clicking on "Monthly Garages", selecting an available garage, choosing your start date, pressing subscribe, and selecting "Confirm". 

When subscribing "NOW", Your subscription will begin approximately 24 hours after subscribing and confirming, and you will immediately be billed a prorated amount of your monthly subscription price after selecting “Confirm”.

When booking a reservation to begin on the 1st of the following month, your subscription will begin on the first day of the following month, and you will be billed the full amount of your monthly subscription price on the 26th day of the current month, and each month thereafter. 

Please note that if you were a previous monthly client, with a direct contract with a garage, you may not be eligible to subscribe to your previous garage through DropCar. For Example, if you previously parked your car at Icon’s facility at 81 Fleet Pl, Brooklyn, you may not subscribe to 81 Fleet Pl, Brooklyn as a DropCar customer.





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