Requesting Service, Pickup and Return Times

When it comes to having your car picked up and dropped off there are a few different ways to go about it.

For PICKUPS, where a valet meets you and takes your from you, there are three options.

  • NOW. Selecting the now option will assign a valet immediately who will reach you as soon as possible. Our app is location based so if you type in the address of where you need service the app will dispatch your request to the valet that is closest to your location as possible.

Please note however that even with the NOW option it can still take as much as 30 minutes for a valet to reach you. To ensure smooth service, always request service at least 30 minutes in advance.

  • ON-ARRIVAL. Driving into the city from out of town and not sure when exactly you will arrive? Our on-arrival feature does all the work for you. Before you depart, simply choose the address you will need service, select on-arrival and our system will use your GPS to track your location. When the system detects that you are 30 minutes from your destination our app will automatically dispatch a valet to meet you at the location ensuring a smooth pickup.

Please note on-arrival is only enabled if you are outside our service area and at least 30 minutes from your destination.

  • SCHEDULE. By far our most popular option, scheduling is exactly that: a predetermined time. Using your car is not as random as you might think. Most of the time you know exactly when you need your car or when you know you need it picked up. With our scheduling option, you simply choose the address you the address of where you need service, select the time you need a valet there and we will be there at that time! Simple as that. 

To schedule any service you must first tap the calendar icon in the top right-hand corner, then press "schedule new service' at the bottom, and follow the prompts.

Note, the app also always displays a live ETA for all pickups and returns, so you can plan accordingly.

After midnight the only option for pickup or dropoff is scheduling in advance with a minimum two-hour limit.



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