Oversize/Exotic/Tesla Fees

For clients who have an oversize, exotic or Tesla vehicle DropCar charges an additional $84.48 + tax to your monthly subscription.

Additional Tesla fee does not necessarily include ability to charge at the garage. If the charging icon appears on your selected garage then the garage has the ability to charge, but may charge an additional fee on top of the standard fee. Please contact us at for details for a particular garage.

Please note that oversize vehicles may only be accepted at garages that show oversize as an amenity when booking. Oversize vehicles are defined as any vehicle approximately 181" in length and over 70" in height. Please note, some large sized vehicles, including extra long vehicles (over 181" in length) or extra high vehicles (over 70" in height) may also be considered oversize. Oversize & exotic qualifications are subject to addition or change.

Tesla Vehicles:

Some of our garage partners charge an additional fee for charging Tesla vehicles. Please email us at to inquire if a garage you are interested in has an additional Tesla fee.


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